KOHLA – Innovation on the mountain since 1932

The name KOHLA stands for mountain sports equipment “Made in Tirol”. KOHLA has been owned by IBEX Sportartikel GmbH for more than 20 years now and we are proud to be able to continue the core idea of the brand. Deeply rooted in the Tyrolean mountains, we have been living “Innovation in the mountains since 1932” in our day-to-day business. The demands we place on ourselves and our products are high and so we are constantly working on new ideas and the further development of our products.

The KOHLA brand stands for a long tradition of quality and passion. Backpacks and climbing skins, as well as other mountain sports articles, have been developed and manufactured here in Innsbruck, in the heart of the Alps, since 1932. Even when the company was founded by Max KOHLA, KOHLA concentrated on high-quality mountain sports articles “Made in Tirol”. This has not changed to this day.

90 years of expertise and tradition

  • Market leader in the climbing skin segment
  • Ski skin production “Made in Tirol”
  • Special productions for well-known manufacturers in the ski industry
  • Backpack & telescopic pole assortment
  • Gaiter & hunting collection
  • Two collections per year
  • Full Ökotex® certification in accordance with the REACH regulation
  • Year-round availability of the entire range as NOS
  • 10-year service and spare parts guarantee

A little insight into the KOHLA backpack collection


Happy 10L

Kids backpack


Happy Shuttle

Child Carrier

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Rock 24L

Alpine Backpack

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Track Pro 33L

Trekking backpack

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Jannis Gamroth (ab Salzburg)
Tel.: +43 (0) 676 846 053 800
Email: mailto:jannis.gamroth@kohla.at

Sigi Morgenbesser (Tirol & Vorarlberg)
Tel.: +43 (0) 664 350 80 19
Email: mailto:morgenbesser@me.at


Christian Neiger
Tel.: +49 (0) 179 493 83 91
Email: mailto:kontakt@outdoor-agentur-up.de


KOHLA Sales worldwide


Adventrade Distribution Pty Ltd, Cardigan Street 139 / Unit Suites 235 3053, Carlton AUS | adventrade.info@gmail.com | www.adventrade.com


Snowcountry B.V., 3836 PC, Stoutenburg-Noord, Niederlande | maarten@snowcountry.nl


Storm Base OOD, 1113 Sofia | h.petrov@stormshop-bg.com | www.stormshop-bg.com


Komax SA, Avda del Parque 4314, Huechuraba, Chile | etchepare@komax.cl | www.andesgear.cl

Tschechische Republik

SUMMIT TRADE DISTRIBUTION s.r.o., Šedesátá 7046, Zlín 76001 | blazej@summit-trade.cz


White Balance, 00880 Helsinki | info@whitebalance.fi | www.whitebalance.fi


Cristalp, 805 Rue de l‘industrie, ZAE des Tattes, 74250 Viuz-en-Sallaz | cristalp@cristalp.net | www.cristalpsports.com


GG Sport, Smiðjuvegur 8 200, Kópavogur | verslun@ggsport.is | www.ggsport.is


Outback 97, 24123 Bergamo | info@outback.it | www.outback.it


Magic Mountain, 352-0011 Saitama; Niiza City | info@magic-mountain.jp | www.magic-mountain.jp


SGN Skis AS, ÅrØyvegen 7, 6856 Sogndal | marius@sgnskis.com | www.sgnskis.com


Snap Outdoor, Bojkowska 37M, PL-44-100 Gliwice | info@snapoutdoor.pl | www.snapoutdoor.pl


Matop SRL / Mormotaland, 400336 Cluj Napoca | jkardos@mormota.ro | www.mormota.ro


Alpindustria, Sadovnicheskaya 32/1, 115035 Moscow | b.sagalov@alpine-trade.ru | www.alpindustria.ru


Åre Skidfabrik AB, Saa 402, 837 97 Åre | stefan@areskidfabrik.se | www.extremskis.com


Outventure Sport, s.r.o., 29.augusta 6, 036 01 Martin | rasto@outventuresport.com


Annapurna Way, 1000 Ljubljana | info@annapurna.si | www.annapurna.si

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Free4Ride, Manolo Copano, Avenida Pas d‘Arro 25, 25530 Vielha, Lleida, Spain | manolocopano@free4ride.es

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Backcountry UK, Wharfebank Business Centre, Ilkley Road/Otley, LS21 3JP, W. Yorkshire | www.backcountry.uk.com | info@backcountryuk.com


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DPS Skis, 650 500 W #259, Salt Lake City, UT 84101 | info@dpsskis.com | www.dpsskis.com


KOHLA – Mountain sports products “Made in Tirol”

The history of the brand…

We would almost have to leaf through the history books if we didn’t know that the Kohla family started producing and trading in sporting goods back in 1932. Innsbruck was not yet an Olympic city and yet the chosen location in the middle of the surrounding Alps was authentic. Even then, it was clear that the company would concentrate on local mountain sports and adapt its product range accordingly. After many successful years, which were also marked by wars and economic crises, many innovations and milestones were achieved in the following years, making Kohla a byword in the Central European mountain sports market. Telescopic poles made of aluminum as well as ski skins made of mohair fibers were developments that were driven forward and implemented at Kohla – far ahead of the competition. Nevertheless, at the end of the 1990s, the company lost its strength and was discontinued.


How it all began…

If it weren’t for people with courage, vision and great entrepreneurial spirit, the Kohla brand would probably have disappeared into oblivion. In 2003, the Span brothers from the Stubai Valley decided to dust off the local powder coating facility, the backpack and pole warehouse and the outdated equipment and revive the Kohla brand with a breath of fresh air, a lot of patience and good ideas.

Initially, the development was characterized by uncertainties, defeats and closed sales doors, but there were always rays of hope and successes. We really started to work in 2007, when the structures were improved and the first products were developed and produced in-house. We can proudly say that the brand was developed with enthusiasm. After a few years, customer confidence in the mountain sports brand was regained.

We are still grateful today for this difficult time, which definitely helped us to always focus on the best quality, local production and sustainable profitability. In the mid-2010s, we made the leap into several countries. We still work with most of these partners today – they have become friends of the company and the brand. Innovations such as the ISPO Award 2013 and 2015, the introduction of the lightweight pole series and the implementation of Vacuum skins have contributed to the great development. Continuous growth and improvement have enabled us to invest in product and brand development. Sustainability has been a top priority for us, and not just since Corona.